November 04, 2004

The Lord of the Last Day: Daleigh city

They traveled, along the dark clouds of Satania, reaching ever closer to the borders of Golgotha, while the dragons flew along side waiting to attack. Johnny looked out the window, the lights pointed aimlessly, spotting something was approaching. The gunners, most of which were asleep, were now on full alert, and the sirens sounded off to awaken the passangers.

"Dragons! All gunners get prepared!"

"They'll have a good time, these skies, they're littered with dragons." Roy said with a metter-of-fact tone.
"I'm going to look for John" Murray said.

"I saw Ged and Pizargo follow him into the lower levels..."

It is at the stairs, when he felt the first jolt of the ship, followed by several others. The gunners opened fire, and a wounded dragon roared with deafening noise. When he reached the lower levels Johnny was manning one of the larger cannons.

He stood up "We have to go up to the's the only way to prevent those flying iguanas from damaging the ship!"

As they made their way through to the outside of the ship, Murray's eyes began to shine bright red, brighter and brighter, they were now at the very top.

"Don't slip...alright just concentrate, clear your mind!"

From where they stood these dragons looked nothing like dragons.
In fact they looked like metallic grey Geico lizards with wings.

Johnny jumped up to avoid one that dove towards him.
His blade tore through the hard skin of the dragon as it crashed in to the Ariship tearing a gash through the cloth.

"The gas is going to ready?"

Meanwhile the gunners were holding their own protecting the cabins and passangers.

Murray was ready indeed, the red illumination covered him as it had in Terrazia, and he became a demononic creature.
The dragons approached, one by one, Murray blasted them with an assortment of flames and chains.

The ship sustained a few more damages as the rest of them disappeared into the clouds.

Murray turned to John as if he's next..."whoah there, down boy! We have to get back down, the airship is fucked!"

Jenova and Ged were in the cockpit with the captain.

"Right now if we unlock the main segment we can still hope for a safe landing.
We're losing too much pressure. Soon we'll start to descend and fast."

Johnny "How far are we from Daligh?"
"Not sure" Ged said, "we wont know until we get below the clouds."

"It's now or never Lady Jenova!"


Daliegh airfield

"So Kimor...thah young chickey you've ah been courtin...she seems like ah firm one eh?"
"Hehehe that's right, my wife hasnae found ut, she'd kilt me bah now!"

"Is there any moe brew bach there?"

"Lemme check, there wahhh...Holy flyin fuck!"

"Emergency landing ye stupids, turn on thee lights, hurry!

Just in time, the pilot was able to see the airfield, it was going to be one hell of a crash.

Pizargo jumped on Murray causing him to fall back and hit his head on the floor.

The metal structure twisted as it slammed into the ground several time.

It finally came to a halt after several seconds of sliding.
Daleigh Residence

Daleigh is a town near the Golgotha border to the south of the deserts.
The plans have changed for the small group.

"While we are here we can get some additional information."

The leader of the small city told them of recent activity further North.
Communication with kingdoms near the swamplands had died.
Trading in commercial goods had been suffering since then.

"It's safe to say this isn't the work of organized raiding parties.
People have been disappearing from the villages as well."
The council man added,
"We've been forced to negotiate with the other kingdoms, which carries higher taxations for us,
our interests lies with you. If the king has refused to help you then the other kingdoms will surely
lend a helping hand."

Jenova answered to this "Unfortunately we can not go out of our way.
We're in search of DoomMaker..."

"...and the Lord. A mere legend me lady...but now that you mention DoomMaker."

"You know something?" Johnny asked with growing impatience.

"Well rumor has it that prince Reyal led an expedition to the place By-tor had visited when he disappeared.
The prince and his 200 soldiers never returned.
Whatever is happening to Satania is not clear, however, if the Lord is real then the entire planet is in danger."

"Explain this, I heard Lady Jenova say that The Lord can destroy all life..." Murray was cut short.

"In the swamp lands there is a poison that spread out ages ago.
The result was the expansive deserts."

DoomMaker looked into the flames.
The Lord sat quiet beside.
Around the dark lair the rotting corpses collected from the last raid hang up high on hooks.

The Lord could care less about this worthless planet.

Johnny held the key to the portals.
Perhaps even one directly to Hell.

Johnny and Jenova talked for a long time about which direction they should take.
In the Kingdom of Ice to the east lay Eski, to the west is the desert Kingdom of Muidos.

"Well...I hate the cold, if Muidos is closer then I think it's better to go there first."

"Then Muidos it is." she said.

Far from any population Muidos seemed inactive from a distance.
Inside the walls of the city there was such horror you will have to wait until I write the next part of the story for me to describe it.
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October 29, 2004


The dead have highways.
Only the living are lost.
-Clive Barker

October 28, 2004

Lord of the Last Day: DoomMaker and The Lord

Who is the Lord?

Jenova and Ged waited in the foyer.

"Since the only person here who doesn't have a clue as to what were doing here is Murray
I will allow Lady Jevova to explain."

(Image Copyright © OjodeKuervo)

"In darker ages a legend existed about a dark lord that ruled the entire planet of Satania who threatened to destroy all life.

Kings assembled their legions against the lord and managed only to corner him to the lands of Adoil.
The campaign ended after six revolutions.
The lord disappeared for what they thought was forever.

Rumors of sightings began to emerge you call them...years ago.
My housband By-tor and several explorers went to the land of Adoil.

The terrain of the desert and swamps along the way made it a difficult journey.

After reaching the place where the final battle took place in the legends they noticed phemonema occuring.

The Lord appeared before them and By-tor approached the lord and was trapped by his powers.

The surviving men returned to a city along the way we shall travel.
Before the explorer Durak died he said By-tor was no more.
His last words were "By-tor is now DoomMaker...and he shall bring the Lord's Chaos."

(Image Copyright © OjodeKuervo contact the artist for permission at if you wish to use this image in any way shape or form. Or visit his progfile )

We have lost contact with many kingdoms from our own regions over the years.

Our cities prefer isolation to prevent any political fighting among our kingdoms.
Last year Claurio and Frenz did not appear at the conference of kings.
They are the closest kingdoms near Adoil.

I wont lie to you.
There is severe danger along the way to Adoil.
Mooglio, the king of Golgotha, refuses to become involved.
We are on our own until then."

Johnny interrupted..."Basically this is where Murray and myself come into play.
This Lord character is very real and alive.
If we were to encounter DoomMaker along the way to Adoil....we may have to fight and perhaps kill him.
There is no guarrantee that By-tor will come to his senses.

I have seen such power before.
After I traveled to an alien world where I discovered that it had been comepletely destroyed.
After tracing the origin of this power I was led to another world called Blessing.
It has long died out with no life.
But the stories there gave me an idea of how the Lord may be destroyed."

"There's a connection then?" Murray asked.

"Yes, this Lord character shows up in Blessing's legends as a powerful demon in their interpretation of hell.
'Why did he appear here in Satania?' you might ask.
Astaroth may have sent him long ago.
In the end, like all dreams, Astaroth and his king Satanail have ceased to seek domination of the universe.
The Lord is a remnant of those illusions."

"It's heaven and hell..." Murray stopped himself.

"Oh I can tell!"
Johnny concludes.

The only way out of Golgotha was via airship. It looked eerily similar to the Hindenburgh Zeppepelin.

The darkness still ruled.

The lights built around the airship we blinding.

"What are those cannons for?" Murray asked.

Roy responded "Oh just to scare the Dragons if they get too close!"

The airship began to rise as they headed out of Golgotha and into the dark skies.

October 27, 2004

Lord of the Last Day: Johenel

In Satania there is no moon.
Outside the darkness enveloped Golgotha.

Even with Crystals to illuminate like flashlights it was difficult to see at night.

Murray walked about the Mansion waiting for Johnny boy to wake up.

The door to Miranda's room was slightly ajar but no a JAR ; )

Johnny was inside the room as if waiting for him to show up.
"HEHEHEHE it took you long enough MurMan!" He speaketh unto him.

At hearing this Miranda woke up and noticed Murray near the door.
She looked to her side and Johnny was in the bed with her and....

"Sir John, I thought I told you last time....If you ever come into my room again I will cut your balls off!"

None of the other people in La Villa woke up.
They were already used to his antics.

"Hey I'm there a MacDonalds or Taco Bell here?" It never hurts to ask.

"No, there is a place that is open 24/ wait, make that 190/28...really good food. Quiet too. I'll answer what questions you have the best I can."

Pizargo followed them cautiously before Johnny turned around "Peek a boo! Tag yer it!"

They ate something that looked like tasted quite good. Like a mixture of Chicken and Pizza!.

Pizargo had the biggest plate of all.

While they waited for him to finish Murray asked his first question;
"So where are you from?"

"Well, my name is not John, it's Johenel, I am the son of Caleb, the head of the tribe of Judah."
'You might know the story of the Exodus, but I can recite the Passage where my father is mentioned...
And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
Send thou men, that they may search the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel: of every tribe of their fathers shall ye send a man, every one a ruler among them.
And Moses by the commandment of the LORD sent them from the wilderness of Paran: all those men were heads of the children of Israel.
So and so from this tribe yadda yadda yaddda!
Of the tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jephunneh.
And the heads of the other tribes are mentioned in the books of Moses.

I went with my father Caleb to help them spy on the lands. At the time I was 16 years of age.

After Rehob they all decided to rest and build camp before heading out to Hebron.
When I awoke they were all gone.
In the wilderness I wandered. Upon reaching Hebron once again I realized everything was different, the city, the people.

A soldier spotted me.
I was arrested and taken to a prison.

They asked "Where are you from?!" I gave them honest answers but they accused me of blasphemy, something I found out later I'm good at doing.

A prophet of God called Samuel had me released.
Not once did he speak to me on the way to see the ark.

I walked into the room alone where the ark was...and I was surrounded by light...and it took me to the void....a nexus in the universe.

Ever since then I have been traveling through the worlds. Someone guided me for the first few years until the man upstairs finally cut the strings.

"Is it God who brought me there? You through the ark? What the hell does it all mean?" Murray knew he wasn't getting a straight answer.

"Don't worry son, you'll get to see the puppet master one day, I know I have..."

"Wait, so you've seen God?"

"Yes...I can't tell you what he looks like, but I'll give you a hint...Bugs Bunny."

*BURP* Pizargo was done eating...

"You know, this has been a real disappiontment! What a waste of time."

"Yessir I don't fucking know one thing except you are from New York City. Get used to it. When t's my turn to rot someone will help guide you along the way. Until then you will have to rely on me.
Jenova should be awake and preparing our travels, finish your drinks and I'll meet the two of you outside."

He's holding something back...

October 26, 2004

Writers Note ; )

Now that Murray and Johnny can talk while the peoples of Satania sleep (Pending John getting sober) I will introduce the origin of how John came to be a traveler.

One hint: It has to do with a story in the Old Testament :)

Aerosmitten has helped with ideas and criticism and has helped pick out (or invent) some names for characters.

OjodeKuervo is also interested in being a big part by contributing his art whenever possible. So a big thanks goes out to him \m/

I will work on the dialogue (ARGH!) tonight and tomorrow so I can add it tomorrow night.

October 25, 2004

From Chicago to Satania

While Murray was approaching Golgotha...

Johnny walked the streets of Chicago.

For now the important thing was that the discs were retrieved. He had no intention of delivering them to the U.S. gov't. Not until he found out what the Dehumanizer Project was all about.

He had been to this world's future several times before.

Right now though....Johnny needed a drink.

Several hours later he staggered to the portal.

Taking the portal of Satania-Lord of the Last Day.


Murray, Ged and Roy entered La Villa Strangiato Mansion.

"Gentlemen, Lady Jenova waits in the guests room! Oooh! And who is this stranger?" said the pretty maiden.

Ged introduced the two.
"Miranda this is Murray a friend of John."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, I hope you behave yourself, when sir Blade was here he made a mess of the guest rooms. Not only that he just can't keep his hands to himself..."

"Alright Miranda that's enough."

"Oh I am so sorry sirs...Lady Jenova is waiting in the discussion room."

"You are all here." Jenova didn't look so happy about them being there.

"Is something wrong me lady?" Asked Roy.

"Yes look..." she pointed at the couch.

There, the one, the only, Johnny Blade was drunk as hell with his hand giving the middle finger gesture at Murray.

"sss bout fugkin"

"Why am I not surprised" Murray thought.

"Once John gets well we can talk about our plans," she said "go rest and take this poor bastard to his room will you please?"

So finally the night came to the planet of Satania.

In this world the night lasts longer than the day.

October 24, 2004

Angry Machines: Berlin in Flames

Johnny stood at a relatively safe position as the machines lay Berlin to watste.
Explosion after explosion leveled most of the buildings throughout the city.

Johnny made his way towards the Joseph Goebbles technology building which was still standing.

Blocks away the firefighters were preparing to extinguish the flames in vain. There was nothing to be done except try and escape and help the people.
The machines on the other hand just gunned them down as the men women and children ran screaming in the streets.

Since the elevators were disabled he opted for the stairs. Several SS agents confused by the chaos outside ignored him as they headed down.
Just before he reached the 23rd floor another SS agent was approaching and started screaming at him to turn back and head down.

Johnny took out an eight inch blade from under his coat an struck the agent on his hand comepletely severing it.

"Tough luck baby blue eyes..." and slit the man's throat.

With the key card aquired the door to the 25th floor would open.
Most office workers had already exited the building.

In the main reception room behind a secretaries desk was a monumental propaganda poster of Hitler with a backround of Europe, with the year of his birth and death.

The building rattled as it was struck by a missle. The machines were now begining to gather together in mass numbers.

He finally reached the main computer within the testing area of the building only to...

"Alright...the password..." forget the password!

"Mr. Blade, upon reaching the main computer the virus will change the passwords:
DHMNZR should be the correct password."


>>>>>>Proceed to>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>IntrOdUcE thE mOnkEy>>>>>>>>>>>>

"What the hell!?"

Mr. Blade it's about time>>>We were worried>>

Enter message: Now what?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>You should be able to enter the following: E5150--

followed by: 5015E to retrieve the data disks>>>>>>>>>>

Enter message: It might be awhile before I can deliver the---

the goods. Give me a few days to figure out how to get out--

of Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>Agreed>>>if you can not get out we will arrange---

transportation for you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Enter message: That wont be nessesary<<<<<<<<<<<
Keitel Prog: *****
Keitel Prog: *****
Keitel Prog: AxZept Dio Italia

Another missle hit directly above this time.

He grabbed both disc from their respective trays and when he turned around a machine had sneaked up behind him.

"Whaddaya mean NEIN you pile of shit!" He raised his weapon and shot it between the eyes.

Unable to see anything "NEIN NEIN NEIN MEIN KAMPH! HEIL HITLER!" is screamed as it fired off its ammunition all over the room.

>>>>>>NO MORE MONKEYS?!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Systema Ciao Ciao>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>Good luck Mr. Blade>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The computers went out with a huge blast as Johnny headed down the stairs running and tripping a few times.

The Machine had made its way to the door leading to the stairs.
It took a plunge down as it struck the railings all the way down landing a few feet away from Johnny.

"Don't scare me like that....whew!"
Outside it was a total disaster.

The Goebbles building was one of the few remaning buildings.
The roads were littered by a potpurri of metal debris and burning flesh.

"Sweet lord! Maybe I should have taken the other portal?"

Three blocks down a military assault vehicle was in flames barreling down as it's driver was being carbonized.

Most of the fighting was going down not too far from where he stood.
A teenage girl ran towards Johnny screaming for help.

OH CRAP! he thought.

"Shut up will you! Come on!" He grabbed her by the hand as they ran through the outskirts city.

He left the girl somewhere hidden, he sensed a few machines close nearby, and sure enough...


Four machines began their assault firing several times toward Johnny.
He stepped on something squishy....he looked down...he was standing on top of a soldiers guts.

"You don't mind if I borrow this do ya buddy?"
He ran in plain sight as he fired the grenade launcher.

"One!....Two!....Ha you missed you fucker!...Three!...."

The third machine fired it's ammunition as it bit the dust taking the fourth machine with it.

"I think that's all of them..."he walked toward where he had left the girl.
She had been struck in the chest by a bullet.

He knelt down to caress her hair she took her last breath.

"I'm sorry girl..." Johnny Blade does not cry, "NEIN", but he couldn't help it. "Well...shit happens!"

As he left Berlin behind he took one last look, laughing at the thought he might turn into a pillar of salt, he walked on to the portal.


He returned to the endless void and took the same portal back to the same world.

Chicago, Illinios

People gathered around to see the breaking news as satellite photos showed most of europe's capital cities in flames.

Lockers for Rockers!
"Cheap prices to store your personal belongings"

He bought a months renting space and got the key for locker 1984 to store the discs inside.

Tomorrow Johnny heads out to join Murray on his quest.
Tonight Blade rests...